My stroll to Circular Quay

I travel quite a bit for work to visit my interstate clients. When I tell new people what I do and mention the travel that is involved, I often get comments about how great it must be to get an all expenses paid trip to another city.

Those of you who also travel for work will understand me when I say working away is often unsettling and exhausting, more-so than any regular day in the office. You’re getting up at 4am to catch the Red Eye, driving from appointment to appointment in an unfamiliar city, and eating on the run (if you get a chance to eat at all). Top that off with returning “home” to an empty hotel room that may be nice and clean, but its just not your bed or your regular environment.

What this usually means for me is a pretty sleepless night which for some reason I spend most of my time thinking that the morning alarm wont go off (even though it seems to work fine every other day).

Did i really set the alarm??

Maybe the timezone hasn’t updated properly….

Was it set to 6.00am or 6.00pm??

Aah the irrational thinking patterns of the human psyche. Our minds just like to make things a little difficult for us sometimes.

I digress.

What I always find difficult on these trips is to see and experience what the City has to offer. In particular Sydney. I’d been on 4 trips so far, yet had never seen the Opera House or Circular Quay for myself. On this last trip I made a concerted effort to get my walking shoes on and head over to see what all the fuss is about.

The walk from my Darling Harbor hotel was about 30-40 mins each way. By the time I got to the waterfront the sun was starting to set so I scrambled in the last light to get a couple of selfies and some shots of the city lighting up before heading back to Darling Harbour for a spot of dinner. I probably only spent 15 minutes by the water, but i felt it was enough. I’m not sure why. Perhaps I was just wanting to get back and relax at the hotel or perhaps it was because I was alone with no one to share the moment with. Maybe the next time I allow myself to visit will be on holiday. Things might feel different then.

On my walk back I starting thinking about my travel experiences and the impressions that each city and country have left on me. I have strong memories and special thoughts about every place in the world that i have visited.Sydney has yet to make its true mark on me.

Maybe next time. Maybe next time.


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